Programmatic Buying
Platform for Mobile

Reach top quality users, precisely.
With the most advanced mobile DSP.

Self serve UI

You control every aspect of your campaign . You can make changes as you wish to the campaign targeting.

CTR Prediction

Our bidder bid on CPC while the bidder predicts CTR and bids on CPM on the exchanges.

Native Ads

Bidsopt is the leading Native Programmatic platform for media buying across the exchanges.

Global Inventory

We integrated with multiple supply sources like exchanges, app developers , websites and ad network.

Achieve higher ROI by reaching the right audience at the right time that too at the right price.

Our solutions allows you to build all kinds of performance campaigns, branding and promotion – drive to install , drive to store with most innovative native and rich media ad format.


Choose country and location , latitude-longitude or target the user with specific IP list


Choose the brand and model among Mobile/Tablet.

Device OS/Browser

Android , iOS , Windows etc for OS and Chrome, Safari etc for Browser


Select between all IAB standard Category

Time of Day Scheduling

Run you campaign on a specify hours of a day

Wifi/Carrier Targeting

Target your campaign for specific Mobile Carrier or between Wifi or Carrier Traffic.


Target your campaign for particular exchanges or direct publishers

Cherry Pick App/Site

Blacklist or Whitelist a Site or Apps from Any Exchanges

The Bidsopt DSP is engineered to drive high quality installs at scale, generate increased brand awareness and amplify real-time mobile performance results.