Our guiding goal is delighting customers

Bidsopt is a Demand Side Platform which enables advertisers to reach to right audience with advanced targeting and performance optimisation techniques. Our unique selling point is the reach of our inventory coupled with our platform efficiency , avoiding smallest inefficiencies which can waste a lot of time running campaigns. We offer best in class support for advertisers starting from setting up offers to technical support 24/7. We work in a transparent fashion to help advertisers to know the percentage of the total CPM cost that actually goes to the inventory bid and how much this can impact return on investment.

Our Mission

To identify and address digital advertiser requirements by offering simplified solutions for buying, backed with best in class technological infrastructure

Our Vision

To help advertisers to reach right users any time , any where !

Our Values

Our Guiding goal is delighting customers; not just their happiness but their success.. We are creating a company we love

At Bidsopt we believe that successful execution starts with a sound strategy. We work with our customers to understand their business needs, goals and targets to create a compelling strategy that recognizes mobile as the growing force that it is.

The Bidsopt DSP is engineered to drive high quality installs at scale, generate increased brand awareness and amplify real-time mobile performance results.