General Questions

It is the end URL or product of your Landing page URL.

No, site/app blacklist is not available for now and our Technical team is working on it.

We support only Publisher reporting API and please contact your Account Manager for more information

You can check only Campaign wise report for now. We are working on Site wise report and will update you once it is ready.

Currently, Site/App whitelisting option is not available. However, you can select specific exchange partners to run your campaigns.

Yes, you can edit the campaign targeting. Your Account Manager will review the changes and approve it for you.

Please visit our Postback documentation for our multiple macro support: “ http://resources.bidsopt.com/knowledgebase/conversion-postback-integration-document/

We support both CPC and CPM bidding.

MoPub, Mobfox, Smaato, Avocarrot, AdsNative , Aerserve, Axonix, Pubmatic, Pubnative, Somoaudience, Vserve and Direct Managed Publishers

We support following Targeting options Country, App/Wap, Carrier, Wifi/GPRS, IP, Browser, OS, Device and Model , Exchange and Publishers, etc

Yes, we support HTML 5 and Tag Rich Media Ads

Yes, this is real time and reports will be updated every 30 minutes

We support PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Please visit below page for the information