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Video Advertising

Bidsopt offers industry's leading video solution for advertisers to maximize brand exposure through advanced technological tools, Real-Time Bidding capabilities, algorithm based advertisings through machine learning and superior optimization techniques.

Multi screen

Run your video campaign on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices.


Multiple targeting option such as Demographic, Behavioural , Contextual etc.

Ad Format

Supports In Stream , In Banner , Companion Ads and Out stream ads

Flexile Buying Option

Buy from multiple channels such as, direct and managed supply sources

Ad Formats

  • Choose from different Ad formats to captivate audience attention. We support Pre-rolls, in-banners, companion ads and Outstream Ad units
  • Advertisers have now access to both direct and programmatic supply across the globe.
  • VAST and VPAID compliant (IAB standards)

How to buy from Bidsopt


Buy from different programmatic supply sources as we are integrated with all leading SSP's

Direct Source

Access Bidsopt's direct supply via direct IO

Managed Services

Bidsopt helps you to buy and manage from different supply sources across the globe.

Increase your brand performance, with engaged audience globally at the right moment.

Our unique solution simplifies the complexities around your branding campaigns with the power of video by marrying data and technology.

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