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From the most engaging video, native , rich media and banner ads.

Mobile Banners

In the world of mobile advertising, banner ads have come to dominate ad campaigns and continue to be seen across both apps and the mobile web. As usual, some perform more successfully than others. As markets become more saturated and users tend to stick to their favorite apps, banner campaigns can lose their effectiveness, especially when it comes to renewing interest in apps which have already been downloaded. The general challenge lies in targeting the right user with the right message at the right time. This is where dynamic banners come into play. They are the ad format which can address this issue through the help of retargeting technology.

Mobile Ad Size and the IAB


Mobile ad sizes have been defined as the above dimensions by the IAB

Banner ads are either 300×50 or 320×50, while interstitials are either 300×250 or 320×250 respectively. Rich media and video ads will generally follow the same size guidelines, but will be dynamic and interactive as opposed to static.


Native Ads

Mobile native advertising is a format of advertising that takes advantage of the form and function of the surrounding user experiences, all of which are indigenous to the wide variety of mobile devices.

Native advertising is distinct from content marketing. Where content marketing aims to match content and format, native advertising, at least on mobile devices, is primarily an ad format that matches the style of the site or app where it serves. Moreover, native advertising can be bought programmatically, whereas content marketing usually requires editorial involvement. An outcome of Native advertising is higher engagement with the viewer, which can help marketers with objectives including branding, as with in-feed ads, or performance, with search or app downloads formats, for example.

In-Feed Social

Social feeds include users’ posts to social networks and sponsored content from advertisers. Social network data pulled into the native ad, such as friends who like the brand and likes or comments, provide social proof to consumers.

» Form: Ad blends in to each social network, i.e. Facebook Post, LinkedIn Update, Promoted Pin, and Sponsored Post (Tumblr)

» Function: The social network capabilities are available for the ad, i.e. Pin, Like,Tweet, Follow, Repost, etc.

» Advertiser Objective: Awareness or content engagement.

In-Feed Content

Editorial feeds, streams, and walls include both paid and unpaid content in various forms, including written stories, music, games, videos and inboxes.

» Form: Ad will match site layout, including fonts, graphics, etc.

» Function: Ads have the same user experience as unpaid content, including flipping, swiping, and viewing in-feed

» Advertiser Objective: Drive engagement with content such as read, view, watch or listen.

In-Feed Commerce

Commerce feeds contain product listings and promoted products are integrated within. This is a big retail opportunity to connect with users near the store or in store with NFC, iBeacons, GPS, and payments.

» Form: Ad blends in to site or app. includes same details as organic products such as price, reviews, product details, etc

» Function: Ad has same functionality as organic products such as buy, like, wish list

» Advertiser Objective: Sell physical or digital products and services


Ads are opt-in where players are invited to watch a video and earn a reward. The reward is a digital currency or feature that adds value to the player experience.

» Form: Video runs in ad container that matches the look/feel of the game. The video is not seen unless a player clicks on an icon that offers a reward for watching a video

» Function: Ad provides value exchange for players to engage with brands

» Advertiser Objective: Increase brand awareness, better advertising performance, higher engagement

Rich Media

Mobile rich media ads are no stranger to digital advertising today. There are many innovative ways for you to impress your audience, make them remember you and compel to be your loyal brand advocates.


Interactive Banners

An ad that turns any standard IAB position into an animated and interactive experience powered by dozens of capabilities.

Interstitials Banners

A cross-screen rich media ad that takes over the entire screen just seconds after page load, launching from a banner ad or a 1x1 pixel.



Expanding Banners

A cross-screen rich media ad that expands upon click or tap to reveal a large and interactive canvas.

A Comprehensive suite of Mobile-First Video Formats

Video ads are simple in their concept yet complex in their execution. Video ads that play while either a user opens or interacts with a mobile application.


Skippable and non-skippable videos appearing as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll

Full Screen

Landscape-locked instant-play video experience


Native ad which blends organically into the app experience


Premium video ad experience integrated within editorial content.